marijuana grow guides

The website is a blog highlighting simplistic and fool proof methods to growing marijuana at home. From seed to smoke we break it down so the average person can follow and learn. After you have successfully have grown your plants you can use our product reviews and guides for the best ways to consume your weed.

marijuana grow guides

unit conversion calculator was created in year 2013 to provide convenient and fast conversion of units between Imperial System and metric SI system. Imperial System is used in the US and other countries including Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand. All the conversion tools are optimized for mobile devices from the beginning of the site development to provide the best possible experience for users of mobile devices (phones and tablets). The main sections of the website are: conversions of Length, conversions of Volume, Area, Weight, Speed, Volume to Weight and Weight to Volume. The website offers handy conversion calculators for every day needs as well as scientific and engineering applications with choice of conversion precision, available conversion tables and reference information about each topic. All the calculators on the website can operate in both directions, so you don’t need to look for another web page to find a reverse conversion tool.

Some of our popular converters are:

Liters to gallons, fluid ounces to milliliters (in volume conversion)

Feet to meters, kilometers to miles, centimeters to inches (in length conversion)

Kilograms to pounds, grams to ounces (in weight conversion)

kph to mph conversion (in speed conversion) unit conversion calculator

Citys Builder

Luxury Home Remodelers in major cities along the Gulf Coast of the United States. 20+ Years experience in construction and roofing. We are here to help anytime you need. Call (337)602-8463.

Citys Builder

window tinting

Jupiter Florida’s premier tinting company. We provide the finest tints including ceramic. Our work comes with a lifetime guarantee. See why we have so many repeat customers and dealer’s that send us their clients!

window tinting

Hustler’s University 2.0 Review


A community where me and dozens of millionaires teach YOU exactly how to make money.

This is a community where you will have access to stock analysis, options plays, crypto analysis, DeFi, E-commerce, Copywriting, Freelancing, Flipping, Financial planning, Business management and more.

Full resources, full lesson plans, everything you need to get rich and make your first money TODAY.

Buckle up. Hustler’s University 2.0 Review

gym laundry bag

What do you do with dirty clothes when you travel? Do you ferment them in plastic bags only to open them later and say, WOW that’s disgusting!?

We at Auklet have created a first of its kind patented travel hamper. Travel hamper? Yep, a bag that keeps your dirty clothes fresher, longer.

REI hiking clothes, not cheap. Lululemon yoga pants, not cheap. Your clothes from that tropical destination wedding, not cheap. We’ve done the dirty work and partnered with Swiss antimicrobial gurus to over-engineer a bag specifically designed to fight the mold from sweat and bacteria from skin to help protect your clothes until you can wash them. gym laundry bag


Tedious Repairs is were locals and students have been coming for Chico auto repair since 2008. The automotive mechanic team works on just about every car problem you can imagine. We offer a wide range of service and repair on gas, hybrid, EV and diesel vehicles. Diagnostic testing, problem lights, car fobs, car keys, brakes, AC recharge, vehicle inspections, steering, suspension, wheel alignment, belts, radiator repair, thermostat, water pump, oil change, transmission, clutch repair, engine replacement, head gasket repair, timing belt, engine light, electrical & more. We work on Acura, Honda, Toyota, Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Fiat, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Tesla, Hybrid, EV SUV, Truck and compact cars.