ghost immobiliser cost

What is the cost of Ghost 2 immobiliser?

Ghost immobiliser cost is £449

Autowatch Ghost protects your car from key-cloning, hacking, and even key theft. The Ghost has no key-fobs or LED indications to give away its location. The Ghost 2 immobiliser uses the buttons in your vehicle such as those on the steering wheel, door panels or centre console, to allow you to make a unique, changeable, disarm sequence (like a PIN code) that must first be entered before you can drive your car. Just like your credit card but you can make your car disarm sequence even safer by making it up to 20 presses long! ghost immobiliser cost

created LLc

Why create an LLC in American Samoa, USA?
Highlights that make American Samoa the Best State to form LLC. Making a LLC in American Samoa is Simple. Small Business and Startups recieve these LLC Benefits :
LLC Confidentiality

Owner information remains private in an Anonymous LLC

Form LLC in American Samoa and Pay NO State LLC Tax

LLC Asset Protection

One-Stop LLC Application

No third party Registered Agent required

LLC Renewal Options for Discounted Annual Report Fees

No US Citizenship Required for an American Samoa created LLC

LLC Ownership is Transferrable created LLc

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