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Hedera Token Service

SaucerSwap is a fork of Uniswap v2 that leverages the Hedera Smart Contract Service (HSCS) to include Solidity smart contract integration with the Hedera Token Service (HTS). These smart contracts implement an automated market maker (AMM) protocol, which facilitates token swaps within decentralized liquidity pools.

SaucerSwap serves as both an onboarding ramp for HTS projects and endpoint for bridged liquidity, offering a full-suite of DeFi services. Hedera Token Service

hog roast Sheffield

We are a mobile catering company specialising in hog roast & bbq catering. Having been operating for over 14 years we have perfected the arts. We now have the ability to cover the whole of the UK with our BBQ & hog roast catering. For a free quotation you are welcome to get in touch by our free phone number 0800 099 6136 or simply fill in our the quote form at

hog roast Sheffield

Knee pain exercise

Interventional Treatment of Knee Pain (Non-surgical treatment of Knee Pain)

1. Intraarticular Steroid injections:

Patients with severe pain in the knee, joint effusions, and local signs of inflammation benefit from intraarticular injections of corticosteroids (triamcinolone 40 mg). This will be effective for a short-term period in reducing pain and increasing quadriceps strength. Some patients will require about 2 to 3 injections in a year, to use aseptic precautions, the infection rate is negligible. Sometimes mild flare-ups are possible in joint inflammation following intraarticular injections. Repeated steroid injections are not recommended for the fear of damaging the cartilage of weight-bearing joints.

2. Prolotherapy and Prolozone Therapy:

Injection of tissue proliferants (like ozone, dextrose, etc.) inside the joint and around the joint reduces pain, and inflammation and strengthens ligaments. It is also claimed that they promote cartilage growth

3. Visco-supplementation:

High molecular weight hyaluronic acid resembling synovial fluid is very helpful particularly in early osteoarthritis with knee pain. Newer research publications on this issue indicate that visco-supplementation with a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid salt has anti-inflammatory action and regeneration properties apart from its lubrication effects. It also activates platelets and therefore it is very commonly used with platelet-rich plasma injection.

4. Platelet Rich Plasma Injection:

Like its usefulness in other degenerative diseases, it is useful in osteoarthritis of the knee also. It is becoming popular throughout the world. This treatment is also called regeneration therapy of the knee as it regenerates the degenerated knee and significantly reduces knee pain. A combination of PRP and hyaluronic acid salt is a very popular treatment for knee pain in knee osteoarthritis.

5. Radio-Frequency (RF) Procedure:

This procedure is very effective in knee pain treatment in knee osteoarthritis and is approved by the US FDA. Genicular nerves carrying knee pain are blocked with this procedure for the long term. 1.5 to 2 years of pain relief is very common with RF procedures. Knee pain exercise


Functional Medicine is based on the truth that our body systems function as an interrelated whole. I enjoy spending an entire hour with my patients so that we can do the necessary detective work to examine each body system and find the underlying causes for your symptoms. I search diligently for everything that is causing inflammation in your body. I test and treat for underlying infections, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal issues, chemical, heavy metal or mold toxicities. I determine whether you have any nutritional deficiencies that can prevent your body from healing or working correctly. I focus on supporting your immune system, plus optimizing your brain neurotransmitters, blood sugars, adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones. I test for genetic variations, as these can affect how well your body will detox meds, supplements, and toxins. Genetic Profiles give us one more valuable tool for choosing the best treatment plans for you, as a unique individual. Functional Medicine means we no longer treat symptoms, we treat you.

teeth whitening turkey

We gladly offer our patients all the dental health services you can think of, such as dental prosthesis, teeth whitening, and cleaning of dental calculus. Although dental health service is quite expensive today, our dental clinic in Istanbul supports you to protect your dental health by giving importance to your satisfaction without sacrificing quality. For this reason, we see our patients not as customers, but as guests who come to us to protect their health and expect satisfaction. Your dental health is the only thing we care about.

teeth whitening turkey