Bioavailable copper

Quantum Cu1 is a nutraceutical supplement company dedicated to helping your body help itself naturally by replenishing key nutrients for overall health, immunity and cell production.

Synergized with Bioavailable Copper One, Growth cell amino acid complex, Turmeric and ginger.

Most functions of your body require healthy cell production, but over time the body’s natural ability for that cellular production begins to diminish. For that reason, our team of experts have formulated two one-of-a-kind nutritional supplements, Q-Cell-Anti-Aging Support and Copper One-Cellular +Immune support. Both designed to promote a healthy mitochondrion

Quantum Cu1 products may help support many bodily functions including,

Stimulate cellular production

Immune support

Energy level

Mental clarity

Physical Discomfort

Enhance intake of nutrients

Detoxify Cells

Rejuvenate total body Bioavailable copper

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