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Colossal Influence is a leading Influencer marketing agency, so if you’re searching “How to get brand deals” as a social influencer or “the benefits of influencer marketing” as a brand or agency, you’re on the right site.
Influencer Strategy
If you’re looking for a company to manage your influencer strategy then contact us today. We can offer everything from influencer outreach to influencer strategy. In fact, if you need something in influencer marketing then we’ll have the solution. From negotiating fair rates for all involved to curating content across platforms for maximum impact, and everything in-between, we can help.

The value of influencer marketing cannot be understated to both brands and PR agencies alike. 89% of all marketers say that influencer marketing offers results that are comparable or better than other marketing avenues (MedixKix)

59% of all of those who utilise influencer marketing plan on increasing their budget this year when compared to last year. Only 10% plan on decreasing influencer agencies

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