Womens Base Layers

We live for adventure, for exploring new paths and for challenging ourselves in the unknown. in looking for fabric to create clothing for our personal expeditions we just couldn’t find what we were looking for.

It took many years of playing with yak wool, experimenting and vigorous testing in the field to understand that yak wool, when woven into yarn and made into fabrics, has unrivalled combination and lightness. We pushed further with our discoveries and the result in an outstandingly technical material that we had not seen anywhere else.

Yak wool is fine and hollow, allowing for air within the fibres to increase insulation and create better air-flow and moisture management, keeping you cooler in warmer weather and drier too. Yak wool is also highly flexible so its fibres bend and adapt to your movement for comfort. Due to its lightness in weight, clothing can be layered without bulk, or easily rolled and stored.

Womens Base Layers

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