Kitchen and bath remodeler in MD

K&M Homes: Elevating the Standard of Home Remodeling in Maryland

When it comes to home remodeling, the name that stands out in Maryland is K&M Homes. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, this boutique residential remodeling firm has set a benchmark for quality and craftsmanship. They take on a limited number of clients to ensure personalized attention and the highest level of service. From kitchen and bath remodeling to whole-home renovations, K&M Homes is committed to delivering projects that exceed expectations.

Quality Above All Else

K&M Homes prides itself on using only the best materials available and never compromising on quality. They offer a 3-year workmanship guarantee on every project, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. Their remodeling process is transparent, giving homeowners full access to their project's progress. High levels of communication and realistic scheduling are among their strong suits.

Testimonials Speak Volumes

The firm has received glowing testimonials from satisfied clients. Whether it's a kitchen remodel done while the homeowners were on vacation or multiple projects across different homes, K&M Homes has consistently delivered. Clients appreciate the firm's excellent communication and professional approach.

Giving Back to the Community

K&M Homes is not just about business; they also focus on giving back to the community. A percentage of every project is donated to charities that help with sustainability in the construction industry. They contribute to local and nationwide charities that provide housing for people in need and set better industry standards for energy use.

Schedule an Appointment

For those interested in remodeling their homes, K&M Homes offers a simple 15-minute call to get the ball rolling. They schedule home visits to understand the client's needs better and provide a tailored solution.

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  3. Sustainability in Home Remodeling

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Kitchen and bath remodeler in MD