Event photography company in Spain

Capturing Moments, Creating Memories: Liz Evans Photography in Barcelona


In a world where everyone has a camera in their pocket, the art of professional photography still holds a special place. Whether it's a corporate event or a personal portrait, the right photograph can tell a story that words often can't. Liz Evans Photography, based in Barcelona, specializes in capturing these stories. With 16 years of experience, Liz Evans is an English-speaking photographer who excels in corporate event photography and professional headshots.

Why Choose Liz Evans Photography?

Expertise in Low Light Photography

One of the challenges of event photography is dealing with low light conditions. Liz Evans is a low light specialist, ensuring that your photos look stunning regardless of the lighting conditions.

Quick Turnaround

In today's fast-paced world, waiting weeks for your photographs isn't an option. Liz Evans Photography offers a 48-hour turnaround, so you can have your memories captured and delivered in no time.


From corporate headshots to event photography, Liz Evans is skilled in various types of photography. Whether you're hosting a trade show, a convention, or a corporate party, you can count on Liz Evans to capture the essence of your event.

Services Offered

  • Event Photography: Capture the spirit and excitement of your event.
  • Corporate Headshots: Professional headshots that make you stand out.
  • Portrait Photography: Beautiful portraits that you'll treasure forever.
  • Trade Show and Conference Photography: Comprehensive coverage of your corporate events.


Liz Evans Photography offers a blend of experience, quick service, and versatility. If you're in Spain, particularly in Barcelona, and need an English-speaking photographer, look no further. Liz Evans is not just a photographer; she's a storyteller who will turn your moments into lasting memories.

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If you're in Spain and are looking for a professional, English-speaking photographer, feel free to reach out. Your story deserves to be told beautifully. Let Liz Evans Photography help you tell it.

Event photography company in Spain