Custom and pre built gaming computers in Melbourne

Unleashing the Gamer Within: Powersupply PC's Tech Haven in Melbourne


In the heart of Melbourne, there's a pulse that beats to the rhythm of gaming and creativity, powering up the dreams of tech enthusiasts and gamers alike. Welcome to Powersupply PC, where your ultimate tech haven awaits, bursting with custom gaming rigs, cutting-edge 3D printers, and all the computer components and peripherals your heart could desire.

Custom and Pre-built Gaming Computers in Melbourne

Let's kick things off with the jewel in the crown: gaming computers. Not just any old rigs, but custom beauties that cater to your every whim. Whether you’re a casual player or a pro gamer, our custom and pre-built gaming computers are designed to deliver an unparalleled experience. With the latest graphics cards, lightning-fast processors, and sleek designs, these machines aren’t just built to perform—they’re crafted to dominate.

Why Custom?

There's something about a custom rig that feels like a piece of you. You pick the parts, you dream up the specs, and we bring it to life. It's like commissioning a piece of art where you’re both the muse and the critic. And when it’s finally set up, with the RGB lighting casting a soft glow in your gaming sanctum—you'll know, this machine is yours in every sense.

Pre-built Wonders

For those who want to skip the wait and dive straight into the action, our pre-built gaming computers are the answer. Carefully configured for optimal performance, they’re the plug-and-play solution to your gaming quests. Ready to rumble right out of the box, these rigs are a testament to Powersupply PC's commitment to quality and gaming excellence.

3D Printers and Filament in Melbourne

Aching to bring your ideas to life? Enter the world of 3D printing—a realm where your creativity knows no bounds. Our selection of 3D printers and filaments in Melbourne is a treasure trove for hobbyists and professionals alike. With precision printing and a spectrum of filaments at your fingertips, the only limit is your imagination.

Crafting the Future

3D printing is like holding the future in your hands, and at Powersupply PC, we make sure you're equipped with the best. Our printers are fine-tuned for detail, reliability, and ease of use, whether you're constructing prototypes or crafting intricate models.

Computer Components and Peripherals in Melbourne

Every tech aficionado knows that the right components and peripherals are the secret ingredients to a sublime computing experience. Our shelves are lined with the latest and greatest in tech—from motherboards that act as the backbone of your system to peripherals that transform your desk into mission control.

The Right Tools for the Job

Whether you're looking to upgrade your setup or build a new one from scratch, we've got the tools you need. High-resolution monitors, ergonomic keyboards, and mice with pinpoint accuracy—all handpicked to ensure that every interaction with your tech is as satisfying as the last.


Powersupply PC isn't just a store; it's a gateway to the next level of your gaming and creative journey. It’s where power meets potential, and dreams meet reality. From the heart of Melbourne, we equip you with the tech you need to upgrade your setup and your skills.

Ready to power up? Visit Powersupply PC and step into a world where tech dreams come true.

Custom and pre built gaming computers in Melbourne