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CINEPUNCH: The Ultimate DaVinci Resolve Effects Pack on VideoHive

Unlock the full potential of your video editing with CINEPUNCH, the most comprehensive DaVinci Resolve effects pack available on VideoHive. This expansive collection of DaVinci Resolve plugins is tailored to elevate your post-production workflow, offering an unparalleled array of transitions, color LUTs, sound effects, film looks, and glitch effects, along with a vast selection of 4K, 6K, and 8K video overlays.

Elevate Your Videos with Professional DaVinci Resolve Plugins

Transform Your Edits with DaVinci Resolve Transitions

Immerse yourself in the art of seamless storytelling with our professionally designed DaVinci Resolve transitions. Each transition is crafted to ensure a smooth and engaging narrative flow, adding a touch of elegance to your projects.

Pro Color LUTs Packs for Cinematic Grading

Our Pro Color LUTs Packs provide a spectrum of color grading options that bring cinematic quality to your footage. Whether you're aiming for a specific film look or creating a unique visual mood, these LUTs are your key to a professional finish.

A Treasure Trove of Creative Assets

Sound FX Packs to Bring Your Videos to Life

Enhance your videos with our dynamic Sound FX Packs, designed to complement every scene. From subtle ambience to dramatic audio cues, our sound effects ensure your viewers are not just watching but experiencing your content.

Film Looks and Glitch Plugins for DaVinci Resolve

Create distinct styles with our Film Looks Plugin and add edge with the Glitch Plugin. These tools offer creative solutions to stylize your content, setting your work apart in the competitive realm of video production.

VideoHive's Best Seller: CINEPUNCH for DaVinci Resolve

Thousands of High-Quality Video Overlays

With CINEPUNCH, gain access to thousands of premium video overlays that enhance the visual depth and complexity of your content. Our overlays are compatible with a range of resolutions, ensuring top-notch quality across all your projects.

Continuous Free Updates with New Tools and Packs

When you choose CINEPUNCH, you're not just getting an effects pack; you're investing in a growing library of assets. All updates, including new tools and packs, are provided free of charge to keep your edits fresh and innovative.


CINEPUNCH is the definitive DaVinci Resolve effects pack for editors who demand the best tools at their fingertips. With over 20 FX packs and more than 9999 assets, it's no wonder CINEPUNCH has become an Envato VideoHive best seller.

Step up your video editing game. Download CINEPUNCH for DaVinci Resolve today at VideoHive and unlock a world of creative possibilities!

davinci resolve effects plugins