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Welcome to The Lab Press, your premier destination for innovative and audacious graphic novels. As a dedicated graphic novel publisher, we are committed to bringing fearless storytelling, unique styles, and diverse perspectives to life. Our mission is to provide a platform for both emerging and established creators to experiment, grow, and reach fans worldwide.

Why Choose The Lab Press?

Championing Unique Voices

At The Lab Press, we believe in the power of unique voices and untethered stories. Our dedication to the art of the printed graphic novel ensures that even the most audacious visions are realized, offering a space for experimentation and delicate ideas.

Supporting Creators

We are passionate about supporting creators from all backgrounds. Whether you're an established voice looking to take new risks or an emerging talent with a fresh perspective, we provide the backing and platform you need to bring your stories to life.

High-Quality Publications

Our commitment to quality is evident in every graphic novel we publish. We take pride in producing beautifully crafted books that showcase the artistry and storytelling prowess of our creators, ensuring fans receive nothing but the best.

Our Offerings

Graphic Novels

Explore our diverse range of graphic novels, each offering a unique blend of storytelling and artistry. As an indie graphic novel publisher, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the medium and bringing new and exciting stories to readers.

Comics and More

In addition to graphic novels, we publish an array of comics and related content. Discover the latest from The Lab Press comics and immerse yourself in worlds of adventure, mystery, and more.

Luke Arnold Essentials

Dive into the works of Luke Arnold essentials, featuring stories that captivate and inspire. Luke Arnold’s contributions are a testament to our commitment to fearless storytelling.

Indie Graphic Novel Publisher

As an indie graphic novel publisher, we take pride in supporting independent creators and providing a platform for voices that might otherwise go unheard. Join us in celebrating the art of indie publishing.

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Ready to discover the next great story or bring your own to life? Visit The Lab Press today to explore our publications and learn more about our mission. Contact us to see how we can support your creative journey and get your stories into the hands of eager fans.

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