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  • Zuck’s Hanukkah WishList

    on Sep 24, 12 • in Slideshows and Infographics, The Techlife • with No Comments


    Exclusive look at Mark Zuckerberg's Hanukkah wishlist.

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  • IBS in the Workplace: Bad Fit for Startups

    on Sep 19, 12 • in Tech Wellness, The Techlife • with No Comments

    The challenges of working at a start-up are myriad:  crazy founders, long hours, and uncertain payout.  But for employees suffering from a certain gastro-intestinal condition, these challenges are that much greater. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is nowhere near as funny as it sounds.  Symptoms include chronic diarrhea, bloating, cramps and lots of gas. Practically speaking, those with IBS are just one robust sneeze away from a public shart. See? Not funny. Assuming, that is, that you’re the one with the condition. IBS symptoms, while annoying and somewhat embarrassing, are not dangerous and are generally manageable

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  • Online Courses Slow Campus Spread of STDs

    on Sep 19, 12 • in Tech Wellness, The Techlife • with No Comments


    "I wish I had started using Khan Academy earlier. I would have saved thousands of dollars on tuition....and many hundreds on Valtrex."

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  • Southwest Air CMO: “Removing False Hope is our USP”

    on Sep 17, 12 • in The CMO Minute • with No Comments


    by Paul Ollinger In this week’s CMO Minute (fake interviews with real CMOs), we talk with David Ridley, CMO of Dallas-based Southwest Airlines. The quirky airline consistently wins passenger-satisfaction awards, despite its no-frills service. BAC:  SWA won the American Customer Satisfaction Index once again last year. Two questions: 1. how do you keep doing it? and 2. isn’t it embarrassing to American Airlines that you keep winning their customer satisfaction contest? Ridley:  Well, it’s not actually named after American Airlines. BAC:  It’s not? Ridley:  No. BAC:  Oh, well then, I guess it’s a level-playing field. So how do

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