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  • How to Look Smart in a Job Interview

    on May 30, 13 • in Job Board • with No Comments

    The job market is more competitive than ever, so nailing the interview is key, bro. You're the man, and here are some ways to look smart in a job interview

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  • Dear Unemployed Graduate,

    on May 17, 13 • in Job Board, Paul • with No Comments

    Dear Unemployed Graduate, Am I not a licensed therapist, counselor or manicurist. However, I was once in your shoes, and I’ve had a pretty interesting career, even if it didn’t get off to a rocket-like start at graduation. Check it

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  • Job Listing: Blogger Person

    on Feb 4, 13 • in Job Board • with No Comments

    Tech/Social Media Blogger will work on own from home or Starbucks to write a bunch of stuff about some topic on which he/she/it declares some degree of interest, familiarity or expertise

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  • Job Listing: Strategic Client Manager (Salesperson), Top Social Media Site

    on Jan 24, 13 • in Job Board • with No Comments

    Role:  Strategic Client Manager will develop paid-advertising relationships with region’s top marketers despite Social Media Site’s reluctance to allow advertising on its property. Responsibilities: Prepare and deliver sales presentations that conflate the scale of social media with tangible value to the marketer (alternatively, assume both that the value of social media is self-evident and that clients are stupid if they don’t necessarily agree). Selectively ignore clients’ unreasonable requests for “accountability” and “insights.” Stare in wonder as clients explain there is “no available budget” for social, while they still somehow manage to find tens-of-millions of dollars for print

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