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  • Former Elevation Partner Suggests “Rattle and Hum” Rivals “Frampton Comes Alive”

    on Sep 17, 12 • in Tech Peoples, The Techlife • with No Comments

    by Paul Ollinger In a move transparently designed to kiss the ass of humanitarian, venture capitalist and U2 frontman, Bono, former Elevation Partners partner Marc Bodnick posted today on Quora that U2’s 1988 live record, Rattle & Hum was “every bit as good as Frampton Comes Alive,” one of the best-selling live records of all time. Bodnick’s preposterous claim might be dismissed as just another of his innumerable attempts to drive traffic to the social information-sharing site, where he has worked since leaving Elevation in early 2011.  But those clearly self-promoting posts generally take the form

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  • Peter Thiel Pays 4-Year-Old $250k to Leave Kindergarten

    on Sep 17, 12 • in Tech Peoples, The Techlife • with 1 Comment

    by Paul Ollinger Peter Thiel has done it again. Inviting outrage and the scorn of the entire education community, the Pay-Pal co-founder, Venture Capitalist and Silicon Valley provocateur announced at a press conference earlier today that he is paying a young Indian-American boy $250,000 to forgo kindergarten and start his own company. Thiel’s rants on “the education bubble” have made national news and earned him an appearance on 60 Minutes.  But this move is controversial, even by Thiel’s standards. The boy is Sanjay Ramachandran, a 4-year old from San Francisco’s Richmond District. Thiel bumped into the child and

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  • Next Week: Jeff Weiner Goes on the Warpath

    on Sep 12, 12 • in, Social Media, Tech Peoples • with No Comments

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