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Job Listing: Media Director, Leading Digital Media Agency

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Role:  Media Director will lead agency planning and buying team in thankless execution of digital media plans for clients who don’t really understand or believe in what we do.


  • Receive supposedly-urgent weekend calls from lonely client /wish her dead.
  • Kill yourself trying to figure out how to get said annoying client quoted in AdAge.
  • Ask yourself over-and-over if you could possibly stomach working on the sales side.
  • Instruct Media Supervisors to write “please reply with ideas that have never been done before” on every RFP, even though you understand how silly it is to do so.
  • Explain to junior media planners appropriate holiday party etiquette, e.g., “don’t make-out with married colleagues / don’t throw up near or on a senior partner (even if they’re throwing up too).”
  • Strategically leverage sad-faced emoticons when informing publisher reps by email that they did not make the big buy.
  • Work nights and weekends on new business pitches that your firm has no chance of winning.


  • Very strong sense-of-self, herculean patience, ability to take shit like nobody’s business.
  • Final and permanent acceptance that you will never finish (start) your novel or open your own bakery.

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