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NRA Breaks Social Silence with “Random-Platitude-Generator” App

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Following last Friday’s tragedies in Connecticut, the NRA promptly took down its Facebook Page. The press speculated that they did so to avoid public and divisive rants from both sides of the gun control issue happening on an NRA property.

In an unexpected move, the NRA re-entered the social fray today, not by re-posting its Page, but by launching on Facebook the “Random-Platitude-Generator” App, a game they describe as both “patriotic and chock full-o whimsy!”

The Random-Platitude-Generator App on Facebook, launched today by the NRA.

The “app” (with which the NRA breaks social silence ) will be familiar to fans of the old game Mad-Libs in that it asks the user to fill in the blanks to complete what should be one of the aphorisms the NRA uses to justify its existence.

But to make it fun and social, the NRA has filled in the drop-down menus with not just the “right” answers, but other random answers that will keep the user giggling uncontrollably (not recommended for play while holding a loaded Glock).

NRA encourage kids to “play and learn the ways to protect the ready availability of (massively lethal) weaponry in our (supposedly) civil society.”

“We didn’t want to meet the issue of massive human slaughter head-on,” said NRA Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre in a brief press conference. “So we thought we’d re-visit and share some of the philosophical cornerstones of our organization through this fun little application…what the kids call ‘an app’!”

“It’s the right balance of patriotism and silly self-deprecation for this sensitive time. Even the liberal gun-control advocates can’t fault us for trying to lighten the mood a little bit.” Mr. LaPierre continued.

“It’s like Mad-Libs for the bang-bang, shoot-em-up crowd.” -Wayne LaPierre, NRA EVP

A representative from Facebook could not be reached for comment, but according to previous interviews with Mike Hoefflinger, the company’s Director Global Business Marketing, the key to building a successful application is “a high number of light, consumer engagements that are extremely-social.”

The new NRA app is indeed lightweight and social. But one has to question the timing.

Wait, but if criminals can’t get weapons, won’t there be a lot fewer victims?

Said an NRA spokesperson about the app release, “With so much talk about gun control going on, now’s the time to get our message out. And we expect this app to be very social.”
“In fact, it’ll blow through users’ newsfeeds like a hollow point through a rib cage,” she continued. “Or a human skull. Yeah, let’s go with skull.”
What is for certain is that this app promises loads of fun for those who enjoy guns, word-play and social sharing.  Watch out Zynga!

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