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  • Southwest Air CMO: “Removing False Hope is our USP”

    on Sep 17, 12 • in The CMO Minute • with No Comments

    by Paul Ollinger In this week’s CMO Minute (fake interviews with real CMOs), we talk with David Ridley, CMO of Dallas-based Southwest Airlines. The quirky airline consistently wins passenger-satisfaction awards, despite its no-frills service. BAC:  SWA won the American Customer Satisfaction Index once again last year. Two questions: 1. how do you keep doing it? and 2. isn’t it embarrassing to American Airlines that you keep winning their customer satisfaction contest? Ridley:  Well, it’s not actually named after American Airlines. BAC:  It’s not? Ridley:  No. BAC:  Oh, well then, I guess it’s a level-playing field. So how do

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