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  • CES: Where New Year Resolutions Go to Die

    on Jan 8, 13 • in Media Marketplace, The Techlife • with No Comments

    CES is a cellphone-holstered sausage fest of Super Bowl proportions. But it is also a blow-out corporate party for 150,000 engineers, BD guys and floppy disc salesmen that will put your new healthy lifestyle to the test

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  • FakeChamath Pursues Social Change / Better Nickname

    on Oct 2, 12 • in Tech Peoples, Venture Capital • with 2 Comments

    FakeChamath Palihapitiya seems to have it all: gobs of money from his days at Facebook and early investments in other social media companies. A share in a NBA team. A closet full of bespoke suits, and Silicon Valley notoriety in the form of a FakeTwitter Account  And yet he wants more. BAC caught up with FakeChamath at his Palo Alto offices to talk about the World of FakeChamath.  (in laying out this interview, BAC trials several nicknames for FakeChamath – please vote on the one you like best in the Comments section below.) C-Pal: So I’m on

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