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User Forum: how do I CLEAR iPhone Safari HISTORY PLEASE?!?!

on Oct 12, 12 • by • with No Comments

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Can ANYONE please tell me how to clear the browser history on my iPhone’s Safari? I am going nuts over here, but I cannot figure it out!

PLEASE HELP – I’ve got some stuff that I need to get off my phone NOW!!!

There’s no freaking menu bar at the top of the browser window, so I can’t find “Preferences” or “History” or any of that stuff i’m used to seeing on my laptop.

It doesn’t really matter what it is – let’s just say it’s secrets from the US Military…(actually, for those in the govt reading this, I’m just kidding – it’s not really). It’s just…some pictures…and one – maybe two – videos, but I *think* I’ve deleted those…Oh man, i hope they’re deleted.

But look, I’VE GOT to clear this browser history on my phone – my work phone – immediately!

Why? it doesn’t really matter – I just do.

Okay, here’s the thing – I was sitting here in my hotel room last night (I had had a glass or two of wine at the manager’s reception in the lobby. I probably should have eaten a few more of the free snacks).

my laptop battery is dead (left power cord at office) so I was surfing the web on my phone.  I was on like Maxim.com or something…I think I clicked on some ad… and this button popped up that said “Curious?”.

I was like, “yeah, I’m curious.”  So I clicked it.

Believe me when I tell you – I am NOT curious.  I am SO NOT curious.

You gotta be careful – just know that “curious?” in this case, is not a synonym for “intrigued?” or “intellectually hungry.”  It’s….it’s…so bad…

Oh ,man! I need to wash my eyes out…and clear my brain’s browser history too (can you still get electroshock?)  AGGGHHHH – i wish I  hadn’t seen that stuff.

…so let’s just say I need to clear my phone’s browser history. Fast. Like before I go home to my wife.  who I love so, so, so much.  And my kids….ohhhhh, my sweet, sweet children…

I’m so sorry, kids…believe me – this isn’t who i am…your daddy is a good man.

But never mind that….just, please help me figure this out….

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