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free forms

AbcSubmit is an online form builder designed for every need and any purpose due to the tons of features available in a single tool.

Simple to use by anyone using the drag and drop editor, the form creator allows you to create any type of form, custom field rules, connect your forms with 3-rd party integrations, and allows you to create custom workflows based on your business needs.

When the online forms are not a good fit for you, AbcSubmit provides you with a way to create fillable and submittable PDFs from your online forms. free forms

Energy Powder

What is UCAN?

At UCAN, we believe in the combined power of innovation, science, and sports nutrition. We’re on a mission to empower athletes at all levels to achieve their personal best, and reach beyond their own expectations.

It all started with Jonah, who was born with a rare metabolic disorder that prevents him from breaking down the body’s natural source of stored energy—glycogen. This condition required him to be tube-fed every 2 hours to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Jonah’s parents teamed up with a group of innovative thinkers on a search for a revolutionary energy source to manage Jonah’s blood sugar. That is when SuperStarch® was found, a patented energy source without sugar or stimulants that delivers a slow-release of carbohydrates to steady your blood sugar. The key difference between SuperStarch® compared to other low glycemic foods and fibers is that it provides extended stable blood glucose levels, which translates to steady, long-lasting energy. It’s a smart carb that provides steady energy and is compatible with fat burning during exercise due to its low insulin response.

UCAN is backed by science and it’s also proven in multiple clinical trials to significantly increase levels of fat burn during exercise and improve focus during activity.

The conclusion is UCAN’s breakthrough energy source is a sugar-free, ultra low-glycemic carbohydrate derived from non-gmo corn. Originally developed as a life-saving medical food, SuperStarch® has demonstrated the unique ability to deliver energy to the body without spiking blood sugar levels.

Many Olympic and professional athletes, like Scott Panchik, Katie Zaferes, Maggie Steffens, Sara Hall, and others, rely on UCAN in a variety of sports, including crossfit, triathlon, basketball, running, and swimming.

Product ranges we offer:

UCAN Energy Powder is a pre-workout powder to unleash your full potential during your heavy training and workout. It comes in 3 flavours; plain, tropical orange and lemon!

Most energy powders are filled with sugar or alternative stimulants that cause a short-term spike and can lead to a dangerous and unsafe performance crash. UCAN Energy Powders, powered by SuperStarch®, deliver a slow release of complex carbs to maintain blood sugar levels and provide a steady and consistent release of energy. UCAN Energy Powders come in serving sizes tailored to suit the length of your workout.

Energy Powder + Whey Protein Isolate helps in post-workout recovery. The ultimate combination of our revolutionary SUPERSTARCH and ever-popular whey protein keeps you energised while aiding in muscle repair post-workout and curbing cravings. And whey protein is ideal for those looking to rebuild their muscles—more so than other proteins.

It comes in 4 tasty flavours; Vanilla, Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cookies and Cream!

Energy Bars
Our UCAN Energy Bars are packed with goodness and no artificial ingredients to help you power on through your workout! It keeps you fueled and constantly feeling good with your continuous top performance. An anytime snack that prevents those dreaded cravings from emerging. Great for a quick breakfast, snacks in between meals, and pre or post workout snack to curb cravings.

Comes in 4 delicious flavors; Salted Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Almond Butter, Cherry Berry Almond!

UCAN Hydrate Electrolytes
Natural electrolyte replacement with no sugar, zero calories and 5 added electrolytes to replace the nutrients lost in sweat. Available in watermelon, lemon lime, pineapple, and berry flavors! Ready to beat the heat with you!

EDGE is energy in a pouch, making it easy for you to fuel before and during your workout!
UCAN Edge delivers peak athletic performance without compromising your health and metabolic fitness, all in a convenient format. Available in Strawberry Banana and Orange flavors!

UCAN Premium Vanilla Granola Energy Mix is gluten-free and powered by SuperStarch®. It contains almonds, cashew nuts, and coconut, has no trans fats, and naturally sweetened. Comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors.
Energy Powder

eyelash extensions

Founded in Australia, AULASH is a professional supplier of eyelash extensions and accessories, focusing on product development and excellent services.

At present, our warehouse in Australia has over 1000 varieties of eyelash extensions and 200 varieties of accessories, we already have the biggest range of lashes supplies in Australia. eyelash extensions