digital forensic examiner

Computer Forensics Lab specialises in digital forensic investigations involving collection, examination, analysis and reporting of digital evidence stored in computers, mobile phones, memory sticks and external hard drives on behalf of law firms, law enforcement, prosecutors, company management and private individuals. Potential clients can be defence lawyers, prosecutors, government agencies, companies and private individuals looking for digital footprints of fraud, cheating, computer misuse, cyber crime, data theft, industrial espionage and intellectual property violations. Other digital forensics services include data recovery, mapping mobile phone usage, electronic discovery, incident response and penetration testing. Computer Forensics Lab experts have engaged in numerous civil and criminal cases involving any digital device since 2007.

digital forensic examiner

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Prince2 Exams

PRINCE2 is the most successful project management method in the world – it has become a de facto standard in both the private and public sectors. It provides common processes, management products roles and language for use throughout all an organisation’s projects. PRINCE was first published in 1990 with a focus on IT projects.

Selecting Althris training means you are well on your way to not just passing the PRINCE2 exams but learning with one of the most dynamic organisations in the PRINCE2 world. We have extensive experience training professionals to understand project management and PRINCE2. Our courses are packed full of useful ideas and perspectives from the variety of students and trainers with real-life experience.

• You will be taught using the latest adult learning techniques, using our state-of-the-art course materials that include examples from a variety of industries and perspectives.

• You will receive course materials before the course starts, as well as helpful notes.

• Sample exams and pre-course reading will ensure that you are both ready for the exams and ready for the first day’s training.

PRINCE2 training provides individuals with the certification and training to be able to have greater control of resources and have the ability to manage project risk more effectively.

Each student that passed the exam will be provided with a PRINCE2® certification and will appear on the PRINCE2® Successful Candidate Registers.

Globally recognised qualification

Gain first class project management skills

Enhance employment prospects

Improve organisational effectiveness Prince2 Exams

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