EZ World is a Canadian company that seeks customer satisfaction by offering easy-to-use, economical and environmentally friendly products. Constant attention is given from design to marketing.

EZ World sells all over North America. Since 2002 our products are distributed in several large retail chains. The company has a mandate to design and develop products to “facilitate life” in everyday life, whether to cook, tinker or even play. And that, always with the aim to please and meet the constant needs of consumers.

We invite you to discover our products EZ World: a pleasure assured, to use them every day! By the same token, you contribute to the success and recognition of our company.

Career Coaching

Hello! My name is Bashar and my purpose is to help motivated individuals achieve their professional and business goals. In fact, I’ve helped over 200 people develop their skills and talents since 2017.

Why coach?

​Coaching is genuinely rewarding to me. I truly enjoy getting to know people deeply and looking for ways to help them progress their career. The job you have affects so much of your life experience. Because of that, I’m focused on helping people get where they want to be in life, walking step-by-step through that journey.

What qualifies me to be a coach?

Calm, curious, thoughtful & conversational personality

6 years mentoring new grads & early to mid-career clients.

6 years in CPG, life sciences, research, R&D, brand strategy.

10 years writing & optimizing industry-focused resumes.

5 years in academia across undergrad & grad studies.

3 years entrepreneur real estate, personal finance, coaching. Career Coaching


Kathy Kasunich, originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, traded her snow boots and parkas for sunglasses and sweaters a few years ago. She now resides in another historical town, Williamsburg, Virginia, and is debuting her first novel, Always Remembering.

In addition to writing, she is an avid photographer, focusing her lens on nature, architecture, and her adorable grandchildren. She has contributed as a writer and a photojournalist to local newspapers, which gave her the confidence to write her first novel. However, her love of photography, family, and history was the impetus for writing Always Remembering. As a shutterbug, freezing moments in time, she wanted to preserve the memories of the ordinary heroes of World War II. They were the individuals who never made the front page but instead left a lasting impression in the forefront of our minds. Memories sustain us during difficult times. They resurrect people and forgotten places and allow us to embrace scenes that heal our hearts and make us laugh. CLEAN AND WHOLESOME ROMANCE

bariatrik cerrahiyye

Mədə kiçiltmə
Qapalı laporoskopik üsulla keçirilən mədə kiçiltmə əməliyyatının mahiyyəti mədənin 70-80%-nin və ya 3/4 hissəsinin kəsilməsi yolu ilə qida qəbulunu azaltmaq və arıqlamanı təmin etməkdir. Mədə kiçiltmə əməliyyatı 50-60 dəqiqə davam edir və xəstə 3 saat sonra yeridilir. Mədə kiçiltmə əməliyyatından 2-3 gün sonra pasiyent evə yazılır. bariatrik cerrahiyye