Happy saluki pet transport

Happy Saluki are a DEFRA Type 1&2 and EU Licenced Pet Transport business.

​We have a modern fleet of Government Licenced and Inspected, fully insured, air-conditioned vehicles ensuring the very best in comfort and safety for your beloved fur-babies.

We are the leading UK and European Pet Transportation and Pet Relocation Company, moving Pets throughout Europe on a daily basis. Owned and Run by Pet Owners, we operate a “One of the Family” Policy, where all animals are treated with the same love, care and respect as our own pets.

Reuniting families, rehoming rescues… cats and dog.. birds.. rabbits and even a turtle!

Too many countries to list.. so many happy memories..

Another happy and adorable pet delivered safely to the UK by one of fantastic drivers!

Here at Happy Saluki Pet Transportation, we pride ourselves in being the best! Whether your relocating, moving, or just need a courier for your pets, be rest assured, we are on hand to deliver only the best service!

“Happy Saluki…. there’s a reason we’re world renowned!” Happy saluki pet transport

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We are a fast-growing company and experts in manufacturing Hairnets and Beard covers, with zero compromises on quality and 100% Pure material for all our products. We’ve selected the best European partners so we can achieve top quality in this industry. High-quality double elastic impregnation technology adds extra protection from slipping off or falling off your head. We use a new-generation packaging technology! We can offer your own branded packing subject to a low MOQ per color.
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Holistic therapist working with BIPOC folx in NYC

I’m Kaira, a NYC based psychotherapist, who supports Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) folks learn to work through unresolved trauma patterns and manage any feelings of depression and anxiety.

Living in a perpetual state of disconnectedness and being on auto-pilot for too long led me on a journey of self-inquiry. For as long as I could remember, I was experiencing constant brain fog, dissociative episodes, angry outbursts and simply unable to emotionally connect with anyone around me. I felt so alone living within myself and all I knew were the walls that I built around me. What appeared as “hitting rock bottom” turned out to be my catalyst for self-healing and transformation. I soon discovered that healing was possible, which I was only able to access by facing myself and all the pain that I was hiding from. And it was during my own journey of healing that I learned the joy of accompanying others on their paths to wholeness. Holistic therapist working with BIPOC folx in NYC