jewelry storage

This MODERN stand alone work of art has it all. The Glacier Box is exactly what you need to store your larger jewelry pieces without compromising style and organization. From digital FINGERPRINT smart locks, motion sensor lights, along with a cell phone charging compartment to name a few. This is NOT your grandmother’s jewelry box. The interior is plushed with soft black velvet and it’s exterior is professionally wrapped in 1 of 20 optional high grade film finishes, which is in fact, the same exact material used on todays luxury & exotic cars! jewelry storage

affordable ecofriendly sustainable swimwear

Do Good Swimwear is an inclusive, ecofriendly swim and surf brand made for anyone that is passionate about creating a more conscious and sustainable future. Each suit is ethically and sustainably made with recycled materials and reduced waste, and each purchase gives back to organizations that work towards ocean conservation, tree planting, carbon offsetting and social impact. We partner with other female minority artists to make unique designs, created a repair incentive program so that your suits can be fixed and not go to the trash right away so it can be lived in and loved for as long as possible and are currently working on a recycle program so the materials can be repurposed for years to come.

affordable ecofriendly sustainable swimwear

food hampers

Hampergifts is an independent, family-run business established in 2005. We create beautiful gift hampers filled with food & drink of the highest quality. Our hampers are available year-round and we deliver throughout the UK and Ireland.

food hampers

horn tankard mug

We are dedicated to making and selling the highest quality Viking reproductions on the market, ranging from simple horn shoes to unique high-end products not found elsewhere. In addition to historical items, we also offer contemporary products that have been inspired by and interpreted from by our Viking way of living.

What makes us unique is that we are always bringing in new Viking-themed products. On top of that, we have a variety of different products to choose from and we push the boundaries when it comes to value and quality. It’s important for us to bring you the value and results you expect, all while making the experience as rewarding as possible. horn tankard mug

Desguaces y recambios Gandía

Desguace Gandia SL, es una empresa, líder en el sector de reciclaje y recambios, cuyo objetivo principal es ayudar a titulares de vehículos y a diversas empresas, pymes, aseguradoras y servicios oficiales, etc. que tengan a su disposición utilitarios, gestionando la retirada a los Centros Autorizados de Tratamiento (C.A.T.), realizando su baja definitiva en la Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) y facilitando recambios reciclados para quienes necesiten sustituir una pieza de su vehículo.

Otro objetivo que mueve a Desguace Gandia es proporcionarte la asesoría más completa con respecto a esta temática y facilitar información sobre el sector de desguaces, medio ambiente y reciclaje, pretendiendo ser un portal líder en todas estas materias.

Ponemos a tu alcance la mayor herramienta nacional en servicio de gestión de baja de vehículos.

Creada por un equipo de emprendedores, Desguace Gandia pone a tu disposición servicios gratuitos de gestión de bajas definitivas en la Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) así como una gran cantidad de recambios reciclados.

Además, ponemos a disposición de los usuarios que buscan recambios el más amplio stock de piezas recicladas procedentes de todos los desguaces que forman parte de Desguace Gandia, facilitando así el contacto entre usuarios y Centros Autorizados de Tratamiento. Desguaces y recambios Gandía

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