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Food and Wine Tour Tuscany

Small group tours for food aficionados!
Food is one of the many joys of travel. With this in mind, we design each of our experiences to be as unique as the destination. Each is meticulously crafted to give you the best opportunity to dive deeper into a particular country/region through its food and cultural immersion. Our small group (typically of 8 to 12 people) tour experiences are perfect for those travelers that crave authentic experiences they typically wouldn’t be able to have on their own.

Pete Manzo is a professional tour guide in St. Louis, Missouri, and an ITMI Certified Tour Director. He is a community leader, food lover, creative, travel enthusiast, and entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Manzo’s Kitchen (a USDA sausage manufacturing facility) and EAT Saint Louis Food Tours (a walking food tour company). He enjoys food, travel, portrait photography, and digital art. Considered a “citizen of the world”, having trekked to well over 26 countries, and holds dual citizenship with both America and Italy. He speaks Italian and English. Food and Wine Tour Tuscany

uk spouse visa latest rules

UK Visa application service for Spouses & Partners. We handle the entire legal and application process including helping our clients meet the strict financial requirements. We also advise on the UK visa interview process & prepare clients for it. We have fixed legal fees in place which are affordable, payable in interest free instalments and guaranteed. All of the applications are prepared by qualified UK Immigration Lawyers that previously worked at British Embassy Visa Processing Departments.

uk spouse visa latest rules


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