Entdecken Sie unser Babygeschlecht-Vorhersagetool, das speziell für werdende Mütter entwickelt wurde, die neugierig auf das Geschlecht ihres Babys sind. Basierend auf dem chinesischen Mondkalender, prognostiziert dieses Tool das Geschlecht Ihres Babys mit Hilfe des Alters der Mutter und des Empfängnismonats. Tauchen Sie ein und sehen Sie, ob es ein Junge oder ein Mädchen wird!


Prédiction du sexe du bébé

Découvrez notre outil de prédiction du sexe du bébé, conçu pour les futures mamans curieuses de connaître le sexe de leur enfant. Basé sur le calendrier lunaire chinois, cet outil prédit le sexe de votre bébé en utilisant l’âge de la mère et le mois de conception. Plongez et découvrez si c’est un garçon ou une fille!

Prédiction du sexe du bébé

Predicción del sexo del bebé

Descubre nuestra herramienta de predicción de género del bebé, diseñada para las futuras madres que desean conocer el género de su bebé. Basado en el calendario lunar chino, esta herramienta predice el género de tu bebé utilizando la edad de la madre y el mes de concepción. ¡Descubre si será niño o niña!

Predicción del sexo del bebé

baby gender prediction

Discover our baby gender prediction tool, designed for expecting moms curious about their baby’s gender. Based on the Chinese lunar calendar, this tool predicts your baby’s gender using the mom’s age and conception month. Dive in to see whether it’s a boy or a girl!
baby gender prediction

Lean Gene

Lean Gene is an all-natural remarkable weight loss breakthrough that helps control your resting metabolic rate. The Lean Gene dietary formula works on your metabolism, burning fat while you sleep.

The added ingredients in the Lean Gene formula are purely sourced from nature’s extract, which won’t cause any side effects. The LeanGene dietary formula burns fat while you sleep, where it doesn’t matter your age, if you’re a male or female. Lean Gene

car recovery near me

We are a small, local recovery business that is always on hand for when things go wrong with your vehicle! We provide a range of roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and car and van transportation services. We have been operating for over 7 years ad have some fantastic testimonials from many motorists that we have helped over the years.

We operate in and around the areas of Reading, Maidenhead, Slough, Newbury, Basingstoke and cover the M4, M3 and M40. We always provide service with a smile and can accommodate a wide range of vehicles including commercial vans. Whether you are looking for help because of a road traffic accident, you have a flat battery or you’ve filled up with the wrong type of fuel, we can help!

We are available 24/7 for breakdown recovery call-outs and our dedicated and professional team aim to get to you within 45 minutes from the time you call. car recovery near me

One Piece Merchandise

One Piece Universe: Your Ultimate Official Merchandise Store

Discover the enchanting world of One Piece through the diverse offerings at One Piece Universe! As the official merchandise store, we’re your go-to destination for a wide range of iconic One Piece products.

Browse our extensive collection, featuring everything from exclusive One Piece T-shirts and hoodies to meticulously crafted figurines and shoes. Immerse yourself in the adventurous spirit of Monkey D. Luffy with our Luffy Nika Gear 5 Figure, capturing his dynamic transformation with exquisite detail.

Dive into the Grand Line with our One Piece Sweet Dreams Blind Box, offering a surprise assortment of characters like Luffy, Zoro, and more. Step into the shoes of the Straw Hat Pirates with our Zoro Custom Jordan Shoes, inspired by Roronoa Zoro’s fearless swordsmanship.

Complete your collection with our Luffy Straw Hat Pirates Flag, a symbol of unity and adventure for every fan. At One Piece Universe, we’re dedicated to delivering the finest One Piece merchandise, officially licensed and curated to celebrate your passion for this legendary anime. Shop now and infuse your life with the magic of One Piece! One Piece Merchandise

Influencer agent

Colossal Influence is a leading influencer marketing agency and influencer talent management agency. We brokered our first brand deal in 2012, making us one of the longest standing agencies in the UK today for good reason. We offer both exclusive talent management for social media creators who create video facing content and an all encompassing influencer marketing solution for brands who are either looking to get involved or for those who want real expertise on board.

Influencer agent

Top Luxury candle and fragrance line

Cherami Thomas the owner of Thomas Blonde is dedicated to representing the style and decor of your space with an unforgettable Signature Scent called “Blonde.”

“I feel that a candle or a scent should compliment any area you call home and show who you are as an individual.” Oftentimes people spend money on their homes in various styles of decoration and neglect one of the more sensitive senses we have at our disposal which is our smell. With Thomas Blonde, we want to create your home’s signature scent.”

Thomas Blonde defines its line of scented products as “Far From Ordinary,” though the signature scent will be familiar to those who visited Oklahoma City’s Urban Farmhouse Designs. This iconic aroma remains the sensory marker for visitors of Urban Farmhouse Designs, originally established under Cherami Thomas.

That particular scent developed a dedicated following, so we knew that had to be the Thomas Blonde signature scent too.

After selling Urban Farmhouse Designs in 2018, Cherami was doing home renovations and commercial projects alongside her husband before eventually creating a new company we now know as Thomas Blonde.

The name was created by Cherami’s husband, Jason. He though because their last named was Thomas and she was blonde it only made sense to call the company, Thomas Blonde.

Though many fragrance businesses focus on feminine scents, Thomas Blonde strikes a balance catering to a unisex audience in a varying line of products with sophisticated, simple and earthy undertones. Items including candles, room spray, laundry detergent, perfume, aroma diffusers and bath + body products. All of their scents are specially made through their in-house chemist. Making a new scent is a tailor made and time-consuming process that can take up to 6 months. This shows the company’s dedication towards making a long-lasting, environmentally conscious fragrance.

While these items are structured to be a home’s signature scent, the combination of two or more of their scents is designed to compliment each other. You can combine them to make a completely new scent. This is called “scent layering” in the industry and they are pioneers.

We use 100 percent essential oil with no carriers or phthalates in our products, meaning our customers won’t be inhaling harmful fumes and it’s better for the environment. Not to mention our candles can burn up to 80 hours while those with carriers typically last around 50 hours or so. At the end of the day, it’s always been quality over quantity. Top Luxury candle and fragrance line