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Unveiling the Vision of Da Vinci: Ecological Insights and Prophecies

"Da Vinci: La Totale" is a compelling program that delves deep into the visionary mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, whose foresight seems to have anticipated the ecological dangers of our modern era. As we face the realities of precious metal mining and rare earth minerals extraction, this program brings to light the intricate balance between human progress and the need to take care of Mother Earth.

Exploring the Impact of Rare Earth Minerals and Precious Metal Mining

Da Vinci's Warning: The Cost of Over Mining

Our pursuit of rare earth minerals and relentless precious metal mining has escalated to the point of over mining, risking irreversible damage to our planet. "Da Vinci: La Totale" reflects on these themes, echoing the cautionary words of a man centuries ahead of his time.

The Ecological Dangers: A Modern Dilemma

The program does not shy away from the ecological dangers that accompany the extraction of earth's treasures. Through a blend of historical insight and current affairs, it paints a vivid picture of the environmental challenges we face, urging a balance between innovation and conservation.

Da Vinci's Prophecies: A Visionary's Perspective

Prophetic Insights: Extracting Precious Metals with Caution

Leonardo's role as a visionary is highlighted through his prophecies and quotations, many of which resonate with our present-day scenarios. The program showcases how his predictions about extracting precious metals have now become a reality that we must navigate with care and responsibility.

Prophecy Quotes: Reflecting on Our Actions

Da Vinci's prophecy quotes serve as a guiding light in this program, reminding us of the consequences of our actions and the urgent need to reassess our relationship with the environment.


"Da Vinci: La Totale" is more than a historical exploration; it's a mirror reflecting our current ecological predicament through the lens of a Renaissance genius. It challenges viewers to heed the warnings of the past to safeguard the future, making it a must-watch for anyone concerned about the state of our planet.

Discover the wisdom of Da Vinci and its relevance to today's ecological concerns. Visit Who Said That to stream "Da Vinci: La Totale" and join the conversation about our duty to take care of Mother Earth.

precious metal mining

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The Power of Pure Aromatherapy

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